9H Research - University of Wyoming

Building one of the largest Clean Energy Research Facilities in the US, with a 3MW Solar Facility dedicated to powering the University of Wyoming located in Southeast Wyoming.


9H Research Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit focused on identifying new and more efficient ways of generating, storing, and delivering clean, renewable, zero-emission energy.

With its $10M long-term commitment to the University of Wyoming, the 9H Research Foundation is building a 3MW solar facility and hands-on research facility to support and facilitate ground breaking clean energy research. The Foundation’s goal is to help the University of Wyoming become the premier higher education and research center for clean energy solutions.

Dr. Cameron H. G. Wright

Dean UW

Dr. George Crabtree

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Jonathan Naughton

Professor UW

Dr. David Bell

Associate Professor UW

Dr. Jeff Anderson

Professor UW


Our Team

We are a passionate group of established corporate leaders, academics, researchers and students with a shared passion for identifying, developing and producing industry-leading, market-changing clean energy solution.